John Henry Gunther
Front-End Engineer


I am a front-end engineer seeking a position which allows me to build applications and components using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I love building cool things, especially using JavaScript. I have worked on small and large code bases and enjoy the unique challenges presented by both.

Work Experience

Prometheus Group
November 2015 – Present
Front-End Developer
Main front-end resource for multiple web-based projects. Also responsible for training and mentoring junior developers working on the front-end code bases.
  • Currently working on the research and development team invesitgating a complete rewrite of a Gantt chart based scheduling application. The prototypes are being built using TypeScript, React, Redux, and Webpack. I'm using techniques such as virtualized tables to handle renderring large data sets.
  • Completely rewrote a legacy analytics application, porting the code base from ExtJS to React/Redux built using Webpack. It also went from having no test coverage to almost complete test coverage.
  • Implemented mandatory coding standards, test coverage, and code reviews for all new front-end projects. This includes custom ESLint configurations and Git hooks.
  • Created training documentation for interns and new hires working on the front-end code bases.
  • Helped advise the development team as they transitioned from SVN to Git, and from Redmine to Jira.
Bronto Software
May 2015 – November 2015
Front-End Engineer II
Dedicated front-end resource working with multiple teams, each responsible for a specific service.
  • Worked on an application written in Angular used to create product recommendations. For this project, I was the lead front-end resource working with a team based in Europe.
  • Led a large refactor of existing Angular code. Added a build process (using Gulp) and a system for writing and running unit tests (Karma, Jasmine, and Gulp).
  • Worked on a team with 5 other front-end developers to build a new email message editor from the ground up. Built using Backbone.
  • Created a small libary for managing AJAX requests using ES6 promises.
Bronto Software
July 2013 – November 2015
Front-End Engineer
Responsible for building and maintaining the front-end code for the company's core application.
  • First project was a total re-write of the front-end used in the segmentation system. This was ulitmately built using Backbone after evaluating a variety of other libraries/frameworks.
  • Led the effort to implement a front-end build process using Grunt.
  • Led the effort to modularize the JavaScript code used by the front-end team. Initially, I used AMD with requireJS, but ultimately switched to using commonJS with Browserify.
  • Implemented dependency management workflow for front-end code using Bower and NPM.
  • Set up the environment and developed the process for writing unit tests for the JavaScript code. Testing is now an integral part of the software development process for the front-end team and tests are run as part of a larger build process.
  • Developed and implemented a series of scripts used as Git hooks to ensure code quality prior to committing code. This includes style checks, linting, and a node script for comparing file mtimes.
Bronto Software
May 2008 – July 2013
Technical Writer/eLearning Specialist
Responsible for building the documentation system and maintaining the content.
  • Developed an XML based documentation system from the ground up.
  • Used XSLT (via libxslt library built into PHP) to produce HTML help for the web application and print (PDF, Word) help from a single source.
  • Developed the front-end for the HTML help, including the main UI, a table of contents (using jQuery), tree navigation (using jQuery), and built-in search (using jQuery with Apache Solr as the search engine).
  • Wrote a series of shell scripts to manage producing each type of documentation output.
  • Maintained all of the API documentation for the company's SOAP API including all example code written in PHP and Python.
  • Managed a customer-facing product blog and served as editor for a team of contributors.
  • Created and edited a series of how-to videos explaining how to use various parts of the application.


1404 Christmas Ct
Raleigh, North Carolina NC 27604 US
(919) 455-5913


  • 2003 2007

    University of Dayton




JavaScript Development
TypeScript React Redux Backbone Angular jQuery NodeJS
JavaScript Testing
Jest Enzyme React Storybook Mocha Chai Expect Sinon Jasmine Karma
JavaScript Build Tools
Webpack Grunt Gulp ESLint TSLint Module Formats (AMD, CommonJS, UMD, ES2015) Module Loaders (RequireJS, Browserify, ES2015 via Babel)
Web Development
HTML CSS Sass Less Bootstrap 3 Bulma
Additional Languages
Elm PHP Python XSLT XQuery
GIT SVN Atlassian Suite (Jira/Bamboo,Confluence,Crucible) Gitlab Guthub FogBugz Redmine Jenkins